Hello! My name is Douglas Franchin.
I'm a passionate for visual narrative and illustration, and as a visual artist I do believe in the power of illustrated narratives.

It does not matter if it's a superhero comic book or a children's picture book, illustration is an universal language in my power to be used.

Illustration is the key to engage public once the human brain  recognizes images and colors before everything else, allowing your audience to relate and create bonds with characters and stories.

With  tailor-made services, DG FRANCHIN is here to help you find what best fits your company publishing needs.
Having a diversified portfolio between superhero publishing houses such as Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Comics, DC Comics and Les Humanoids Associes; and between brazilian children oriented publishing houses such as Editora Moderna, Edições SM, Estrela Cultural and Verus Editora; DG FRANCHIN is the best place with the best price to find your illustration needs.