Hi there, I'm Douglas Franchin and this is my portfolio, as you may have noticed.
Here, I'll give you a short brief about myself .
I'm a 24-years old illustrator, graduated in Graphic Design. 
Since 2013 I provide services for both Brazilian and North American illustration markets.
I've provided works for Dc Comics, drawing the TV show "Person of Interest comic book adaptation"; for Dark Horse Comics drawing "Robert E. Howard's Sailor Steve Costigan", "Halo Adult Coloring Book" and "Halo Escalation".
Talking about Halo Escalation, so far it was my most prominent job. 
I started as background artist on issue #10, and as second penciler on issue #11. On issue #12 I  became the sole penciler. Thankfully I ended up doing a total of 7 issues.
With the approval of Microsoft and Dark Horse Comics, I kept forward as the sole penciler for Halo Escalation #16,#17 and #18. On issue #18, I also inked my own pencils and I did so on Halo issues #22, #23 and #24, which was the last issue that concluded the story following the release of Halo 5.
Yet for the US comic book market, I did an exclusive limited edition retailer cover of the comic book "Robotech", published by Titan Comics.
And my most recent work: "X-MEN Blue" #11 and #12 for Marvel Comics.
For the Brazilian market, I provide work for educational publishers, like Editora Moderna and Edições SM, creating childlike didactic illustrations.